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Few questions for a new person to casc race

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  • Few questions for a new person to casc race

    Is there a revised schedule posted somewhere?

    are pirelli slicks mandatory? Or is that just if you want to compete in the season championship?

    is there a place where the breakouts are posted for Shannonville and mosport?


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    KLZEMX6, welcome and I hope you can get involved once events start happening. Feel free to ask questions here, or reach out to Ray Arklauskas, Regional Race Director, or Larry Caruso, Regional Chief Instructor (the title might change to better fit the role I think).

    1. No revised schedule. Things are happening quickly right now (Calabogie and Shannonville have opened for testing for example, there are discussions about events in June / July but nothing confirmed and government guidelines are always subject to change). The biggest issues are getting enough entries to make an event at least break even financially, and to recruit enough volunteers to staff the event, and ensuring the safety of everyone at the facility. There is a monthly call for the organizers, and the first confirmed event is still BARC at end of July. The unconfirmed events will be announced if they have the go-ahead.

    2. This is best addressed to Ray. I think that they are not mandatory, especially if there are no sizes that fit your car. But if you do run PIRELLI, there is bonus $$$ at the end of the year. In 2019, PIRELLI gave out $15,000+ to CASC-OR GT competitors runnings their tires, and I think the largest cheque was over $1500 to one driver. Yes, there will be cars that might not use PIRELLI especially for guest entries from outside CASC-OR (for example Quebec or US).

    3. The breakouts for all tracks are detailed in the CASC-OR Race Regulations (here: in Appendix O - Section F PIRELLI Tire GT.
    Richard Muise
    2003-present:GT-D/4/5;FWD Ice Racer
    2010-present:Clerk of the Course/IMSA Scrutineer/Steward
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      Great news. Really appreciate the response. I’ll work on getting my licence in order and the car tech’d and go from there