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    Posting my E30 race car for sale. It is a 1987 with a turbo M42 swapped in. Car is being built to BMW Club Racing D-mod specification, also eligible for SCCA and Nasa classes as well.


    1.8L M42
    85mm (1mm over sized) CP pistons 10.0:1
    Arrow connecting rods
    ​​​​​​Coated bearings
    Total Seal piston rings
    ARP hardware - Head bolts and main bolts
    Schrick cams (NOT regrinds) 256/256
    VAC valve springs
    Crankshaft balanced
    All new OEM timing components
    Garrett 3071R turbo
    Mishitmoto charge cooler
    3" throttle body
    Mishimoto catch can
    VEMS PNP standalone ecu
    Walbro lift pump, FiTech hp pump in surge tank
    Injector Clinic 100lb hi-z injectors (actually run at 115lb/hour because the fuel pump outputs at 70 psi)
    BAT oil take off plate, remote mounted oil filter, B&M oil cooler
    M44 timing chain upgrade (higher flow oil pump and deletes the idler pulley which is failure prone)
    M52 ignition coil conversion
    More AN fittings then you can shake a stick at...
    Davies Craig electric water pump with controller
    Electric power steering conversion

    E36 transmission
    Lightweight flywheel and Sachs clutch
    Z4 shift lever
    3.73 Lsd diff


    E46 M3 brakes front and rear
    E46 M3 front bearings
    Hawk DTC 70 front and DTC 60 rear
    E46 M3 ABS
    Ksport GT Pro suspension (with the inverted coil overs)
    Treehouse CABS, poly everywhere else
    E46 330 steering rack (faster ratio than M3)
    17x9 style 66 with 245/40/17 contis. lots of spare take offs included.
    17x8 style 44 with like new rain tires
    Wheel studs
    Maintenance was always kept up. Tie rods, ball joints, fluids etc were changed regularly. Spare trunk lid, fender, ball joints, tires and all the rest of the spares for the car will included.


    Window net good for 5 years, triangle net 2021
    G-force harness, certified until 2021
    Recaro driver seat, expired but can be used if a back brace is installed. NRG passenger seat
    Momo wheel, NRG quick release
    Fire suppression and battery cutoff
    Bosch tach front and center. Galaxy tablet for VEMS display

    There are a few issues that need to be noted. Last winter I had the engine built by a reputable machine shop which turned into a total shit show. When I finally got my engine back and in the car, it lasted 15 minutes. Cyl head lifted and cyl 1 piston got destroyed and the debris ruined the turbo as well. The turbo should be rebuildable and I have a new piston as well. There is an engine in the car, I had put a spare stock M42 back in hoping to enjoy the summer but then discovered the turbo was pooched. There is light damage on the right rear, happened about 6 years ago, spun out of turn 5 in the wet. Car is in otherwise in good condition. I have a plastic bumper and shocks for the rear waiting to go on.

    The engine build was spec'd to run 400-450hp at 25 psi on E85. Up until last year had been running a stock engine on 94 octane at 14psi, Car has never been to a dyno but the self tune features on modern ecus are magical. AFRs were always bang on where I wanted them (set conservatively at .8), made good power everywhere and elways ran really well. Was good for about 225kph up the back straight at Mosport. My best lap times were in the 1:34s on Conti slicks that are 6-10 years old. Weighed 2200lbs last time it was on the scales but it had an S52 in it back then so not sure what it weighs now but the M42 is a lot less than an S52.

    As I see all to often, a growing family is forcing the race car to take a back seat. I have everything but the time to make it happen. Car has basically been sitting since Aug of 2018 except for that brief 15min last April.

    open to offers

    I'll be picking away at getting the engine rebuilt as time slowly allows

    for more info or to arrange a visit call/message at : nine o five nine two two one seven three four
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