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R888R tire pressures

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  • R888R tire pressures

    I'm looking for suggestions on optimal pressures to run for a 235 40 17 r888r. How high is too high, and what's the sweet spot? For measuring methodology, is absolute pressure a more important metric or is relative pressure rise more important after a session with the goal of trying to set a hot lap (I.e. to account for a cold or hot day).
    2010 to 2013 OTA competitor with a Honda, Ford, and a BMW.

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    Ujjwal, just as a completely unscientific reporting result, here are my last readings, at 32 psi, on the R888 as measured by an Intercomp tire pyrometer from one of the events last year (can't remember which one, it's in the Intercomp memory). All temps are outside-centre-inside, in degrees F. I generally pay attention only to the difference between the three readings, since getting a tire temp right off the track is not that easy. Others may disagree.

    LF: 143/142/135 RF: 132/136/134
    LR: 134/143/127 RR: 127/130/128

    LF: 133/135/132 RF: 128/123/126
    LR: 126/129/131 RR: 119/121/126

    LF: 131/134/128 RF: 124/126/128
    LR: 123/127/130 RR: 118/125/126

    205/45R16 Toyo R888s on an 8" rim. Mazda Miata with rear camber set within FSM specs. I've generally found 32 psi feels good for me. Again, others may differ.
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      Thanks for the data! I'm glad I asked on this forum as it would have taken me probably 2 more events to have enough track time to gather data to go from 40s to low 30s hot.
      2010 to 2013 OTA competitor with a Honda, Ford, and a BMW.