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What happened to the CASC-OR websites/forums?

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  • What happened to the CASC-OR websites/forums?

    Well ....

    Our hosting provider migrated all our web presences (except for the members site which is on a private server which we manage) to new servers in early May. Their notification to us said "you don't have to do anything on your sites".

    (When we started with them, our provider was a Canadian company with live phone tech support when we went there but who have turned into a multinational conglomerate with no phone number and only chat support in the last six months)

    When they did the move, they didn't migrate the data as of the time they moved them, they copied a backup from a month earlier.

    When they turned off the old servers, they basically wound all our data back a month EXCEPT for the club membership / licencing which was unaffected.

    We've spent many hours (60-80) getting first the month of email back and then the various parts of the sites. Every request to the hosting company took them 3-4 days to respond to and address since 1) everything was through chat and 2) everything was done on the other side of the world.

    The forums were a specific case - when they moved them to a different server, they essentially broke our 10 year old forum software. Upgrading the forums to the current version required the forums to be reinstalled four times, and after the first installation that's when it was discovered that the last month of posts were missing. So we had another four day wait while they restored the up to date posts before we could do the upgrades, and then each step was a 3-4 hour process.

    Everything though IS up now - the forums also had to be moved too, and are now at (which I guess you know if you're reading this), but your user names and passwords work as they did before and all the posts are there.

    See this posting at

    All of this understandably (at least I hope you can understand) pushed the new back. The new site should be available very soon - like within a week or two. A test version of it is running fine (on our private server) and looks a lot better.

    And of course, once everything is settled, we'll address the situation with the service provider ...

    Thanks for your patience while we worked all this out!
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    Guys, thanks a lot for all the work done to get this site going again, much appreciated!
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