The Driver Dynamics Group which runs lapping and auto cross events at Shannonville Motorsport Park, will be holding a slalom this Sunday on the Fabi Track. For those of you who have run events at Picton, you will find this event very much in the same style of flow and speed. In other words, quite enjoyable to drive.

Registration begins at 9:00 AM
Driver's Meeting at 9:45
Target to have first car on course by 10:00 AM with runs until 3:00 PM
Entry fee is $55
As per CASC-OR rules, Snell SA or M 2010 helmets must be used as a minimum,
If new to this venue, the ASN "SoloSport Vehicle Technical Self-Declaration" form must be filled out and submitted (forms available)
Four Classes unique to SMP will be used (Stock, Super Stock, Street Prepared and Modified, based upon points system)

Pls comment if you are planning to attend.

--Eric Brunner