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More women in motorsports... what are your clubs doing?

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  • More women in motorsports... what are your clubs doing?

    Hey everyone,

    I know a few folks down at WOSCA have been trying to figure out why we still see so few women participating in our club events. We have a new joke that we are getting more dudes named "Mike" at our events than women and want to start identifying barriers and addressing them.

    We do have a women's trophy at WOSCA that a lot of folks don't know about either - it was named after Lorna Wilson who was a total badass rally/auto-x driver who was the mechanic for the Miss Canada IV speed boat! Honestly, a true legend and we are so lucky to have her legacy in our club, but do other clubs have an awards program? contingency? discounts? Mentorship? Drivers schools?

    I know MCO has reduced registration fees for women participants, but I'm wondering if other clubs have reduced fees, or what other initiatives folks have taken on. Just trying to see what's out there and what's working!

    Thanks all!