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  • Big Thanks!

    Thanks very much for all the volunteers for their work over the pretech weekend. Very much appreciated!!!

    BTW Saturday was a great day to move cars, do some tractionizing and renew acquaintances. We did a couple of hours snowmobiling on Saturday night (courtesy of the Vernon's), beautiful night!
    Great start to the season.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Big Thanks!

    And I'd like to thank the 50+ cars who showed up this weekend to get their tech stickers for '09! Yesterday was by far the busiest day with just over 40 we saw around a dozen, but I think the weather (snowed all day and still is) kept a few people home.

    Hopefully next Saturday morning's tech session will go quickly and we won't have much of a delay in the day's racing. I know for a fact that the TAC guys and gals can handle anything thrown at them, as can all the organizing clubs. The first weekend is always the toughest but we always make it through.

    If you haven't been teched yet, please try to get to the track as early as you possibly can on Saturday morning as I anticipate long tech lines.

    The track looks absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see the cars going round and round again

    See you all next weekend!!!
    Ice Race Guru a.k.a. Sharon
    FormerIce Race Director