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Spring Drivers Meeting

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    Re: Spring Drivers Meeting

    Originally posted by eh1990 View Post
    lisa, i agree its hard to promote your emotions via the internet. What i said about or to chris wasn't meant to be taken as seriously as it was. I'm a sarcastic person (Dad hates it... i wonder why..) and it doesn't show up very clearly over forums, sorry chris, if you felt i was "attacking" you, i barely know you

    For the record as well, i dont feel i need to ask my dad permission before speaking...i make up my own mind, if you feel that im "against" bank running because my dad clearly is... your wrong. Ever wonder why i never said anything about bank running in the first place? ..because i havent made up my mind about the whole situation.
    And for the record Emma I never said ask your Dad's permission, would love to see where that was posted. I said check with him. His years of experience driving and track building would enlighten you to the subject.
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      Re: Spring Drivers Meeting

      does "checking with him" not really imply the same thing?

      whatever....this is ridiculous im not posting here anymore. this has been drawn out to the Sh!ts.
      Emma Hughes
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        Re: Spring Drivers Meeting

        I Must apologize for my short attendance at the meeting as I had duties to attend to "for CASC and Kin" and my intentions where to bring about a rule change on the "ominous subject" by proxy, I had sent the email to the party concerned but it wasn't printed or obviously mentioned at the meeting.

        I have three cars to wrangle now on a Sunday morning plus put the signal lights out ....

        A few of you were wondering ...
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