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Kudo's to Rusty's Automotive in Minden

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  • Kudo's to Rusty's Automotive in Minden

    Had a bit of a rough start this year. Got T boned really hard in the opening lap of the qualifer in class 12-13 on Sat morning. Got hit directly on the drivers side front wheel (fresh paint, not our colour, to prove it) and ended up with serious damage to the strut. (Nothing like trying to win on the opening lap). A conservative estimate would be 10 degrees neg camber and about 4 " of toe in.

    My partner and I figured we were screwed for the whole weekend as the bottom of the strut was severely damaged (amazed that the tie rods seemed ok)

    Realising that we would have to take the bent one home, we popped it out of the car, looking very sad indeed. The strut now looked like a hockey stick. Fortunately someone mentioned that we should try Rusty's Automotive just south of town on Hwy 35 (address is 11429, just beside Acorn Furniture)( BTW the map on Canada411 is totally wrong)

    Fearing that we were just wasting our time, we set out for Rusty's with little hope. Finding the shop was easy and interesting enough, it was open! The shop seemed quite well equiped and had a large selection of automotive tools.

    Rusty said he had never straightened a strut before but was willing to try. After fiddling with the strut and the press, we got about 40% of the bend out of the bottom and decided to try it back on the car. No need to crack it, trying to get it completely straight.

    We arrived back at the track in time to mount the strut with likely not more than a minute to spare. The car had still 5-6 degrees of neg camber on the L side front and about 2.5 " of toe in but the spring was no longer rubbing against the body.

    Although we ran on basically one and a half front tires, the weekend was not totally lost thanks to Rusty's Automotive. We got all 4 races in the afternoon after assuming we were totally done for the weekend.They couldn't have been nicer or more flexible. They also expressed good support for having ice racing back in town.

    If you need stuff done at the track and you don't have the tools, they are likely worth a call.
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    Re: Kudo's to Rusty's Automotive in Minden

    Sounds like a good place. I got T-boned out in practice last year and had about 10 or so degrees of negative camber. (and 6" of toe out). It was mostly my fault, the back end swung out on me and a Honda hit me. The guy was totally apologetic and came to me before I could say sorry to him. I guess we both made slight error but, it's nice when we both admit we were at fault.

    Anyways, I ran the rest of the season with little difference. It ended up being the spindle of which I bought a new one. Had I known about Rusty, I probably would have brought it there to try to straighten. They sound pretty good.
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      Re: Kudo's to Rusty's Automotive in Minden

      Rusty sounds like a good guy to know.

      doesn't hurt that his handle very accurately describes the kind of vintage metal we run at the fairgrounds. Perhaps that is a bit of an unfair generality but not much.

      glad you were able to run in spite of the beating you put on us. watch out for grey paint this weekend though.
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        Re: Kudo's to Rusty's Automotive in Minden

        Originally posted by Todd Doyle View Post
        Rusty sounds like a good guy to know.
        Rusty has been in the Minden area for as long as ice racing has been around ...
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          Re: Kudo's to Rusty's Automotive in Minden

          He saved out first weekend racing about 7 years ago when the rear diff cage on the Celica rusted off.

          The man is amazing as he was able to weld rust together enough for us to finish the season.