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  • Where/When is it?

    Hi, I'm going up to Minden next weekend (Jan 31) for the Snowy Safari Rally. But I understand there's some ice racing going on earlier the same day. I'd really love to check that out. Can anyone tell me, what time it starts, how late it goes, and where exactly it is in Minden? Thanks. I've searched but can't seem to find any info for it online.
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    ice racing is at the Minden fairgrounds. there is a sketch on page 3 of the on-line ice racing regulations posted on the CASC-OR website

    north on highway 35 to Minden, left at the lights in the middle of town, little strip plaza to the west, Rusty's garage on the right, grocery store in the background. follow the main road around bear left by the Rockcliffe Tavern onto the main drag, over the bridge and along. When you see Prentice Street on your right, you are just about there and turn right through the chainlink fence gate into the fair grounds and enjoy. racing is supposed to get underway around 9:15 to 9:30 or so (or a bit later maybe) should be done before dark