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YIKES! May need a tow to Minden

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  • YIKES! May need a tow to Minden

    My Van may have suffered a terminal engine failure this morning and is being evaluated right now.

    I brought my Corolla back to Toronto to fix the overheating problem but may need to have a kindly sort tow it back up to Minden.

    It's a nice lightweight Corolla that flat tows very nicely and has the wiring for the lights through the car itself.

    Has tow bar and all set to go.

    It has to go by hook or crook as Larry K. is getting away in class 1.....Oh yeah, Scotty too......TD

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    Where from and at what time?
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      ppppsstttt... little birdy tells me Larry ain't gonna be there this weekend.

      we'd help you out, but i don't think we have a truck not towing something
      Old School Motorsports


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        Thanks Guys:

        The corolla is at Birals in northwest Toronto.
        Finch and weston rd. near the 400 hwy.

        My van is being looked at right now, if it can be repaired then I should be OK. I should know in the next hour or two.
        I'll keep ya posted.....

        Oh, I'm certain Larry will be there......he is catching the redeye from Bufflao Friday night. He'll be a little weary, but he likes a good scrap, as do I......Let the battle rage on!!!!!


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          really?? i heard he was in Daytona
          Old School Motorsports


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            Yes he is, until Friday....Larry hates to miss ice races.....looks like the van will make it afterall.....cross yer fingers...