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  • TLMC Weekend

    Team Mad Macs Racing would like to thank TLMC for a great weekend. The team had a blast on & off the track (the Rockcliffe). Organization was first rate even with the gridding screw ups.
    A lot of racing, great battles and superb weather.
    Honda Power Rules!
    By the way Sharon from the Peterborough club has put out an urgent request for volunteers for the next weekend. So if you can, give them a shout and help out if you can.

    Peterborough Motor Sports Club (PMSC)
    Box 131
    Peterborough , Ontario
    Canada K9J 6Y5
    Perry Iannuzzi
    Past President
    Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs -Ontario Region

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    Mean Dawg Racin' concurs

    Thanks to TLMC for a great weekend. I know Mavis arranged the weather but is not responsible for the gridding. With both Golf's running now it gives the Hondas something to chase. Thanks to all the workers who braved the warm hot weather to make it a great weekend. And a special thanks for no purple flags.

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      Re: Mean Dawg Racin' concurs

      Originally posted by Crusher45
      And a special thanks for no purple flags.

      I'm sure Tom is sooo happy about repairing the banks at the front of each corner, a few people were running the flag lane, which is fine if they were a little more gentle with it...


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        Yes thank you much to TLMC for a fantastic weekend also great weather! Do we owe that to TLMC as well? :-)
        Wondering if the corner worker who would have picked up my 80 lb dark blue block of steel weight (approx 8"x 8" x8") that fell off the car just past the kink on Sunday would let me know where it is now as i could not locate where it got to later Sunday afternoon.
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          block of ballast...

          Check with an area hospital!
          Likely whomever picked it up, now has a bad back.......