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Uh-oh, it's raining in T.O.

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  • Uh-oh, it's raining in T.O.

    Is it raining up in Minden??????
    "...and another thing, when I gun the engine, I want people to think the world is coming to an end!" ---Homer Simpson

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    Nope. Snow with -10 or below all week - the ice should be pretty safe.



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      ...relatively speaking


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        oh oh..

        Looks like it could be an encore weather presentation this weekend.

        Andy, any updates to report on the track???

        Were you able to salvage it??



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          I'd second Terry's inquiry. I've been apprehensively watching the weather all week. Looks to be pretty warm during the day and not too cold at night. There's a lot of ice to go down to repair the damage. Do you think we will we have a track to run on this weekend?


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            it's raining???? ugh too much studying... i hope theres iceracing this weekend!!!!!
            Lisa Shaw
            Class 2 #185


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              Being the last weekend I have a strong feeling it will be a go. Now we need to read the riot act to everyone Saturday morning and we are lucky in having one of the most strict Stewards Ontario has. Will it be a repeat of last Sunday I hope not. Will the track go away, might do but it is the last weekend. If it is that bad then I'm staying at the back, points racing. LOL, never thought I'd ever say that.
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                The ice is SAFE????

                Hanif posted: "Nope. Snow with -10 or below all week - the ice should be pretty safe."

                #1 We hav'nt seen flake #1 of snow yet this week, and it may have squeeked down to -8 or -9 at night, but above zero all week during the day. (refresh your web page)

                #2 I Have yet to see any ice fishermen/woman on the fairgrounds yet this season, so regarding 'Safe', it all depends on how much mud gets to show its ugly head this weekend. (Hanif, can you say, "Land-track"?)

                #3 We have plenty of ice at the track, just not in the right spots. So, we moved the banks yet again. Tom and Tom junior worked all day Monday and Tuesday, all this week is a chore to keep the ice surface white with snow to stop the sun from damaging the brown bits.

                #4 The track will be VERY interesting to run this weekend, the outer banks are hard and verticle and the kink is now even more of a corner/dogleg. Exiting the sweeper counter clockwise will be interesting as the track has been narowed enough that we all will have to climb "Mount Minden".
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                  We still have a rain date... I don't mind having all weekend in +6 degrees to fix Lynn's car.
                  Regarding land ice. I did catch a mudskipper last time I fished the corner


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                    I imagine the chili cookoff and saturday night skate at the track will have a signifcant impact on the decision to whether we race or not!

                    I suspect it'll be a go.....

                    Afterall, Chris needs the track for the enduro next weekend.

                    Anyone know where I'd be able to get a locked diff for the weekend?? Perhaps the brown Nissan 200 sx would be a hot car to have for class 1 if there is grip available.....

                    Bring your skates and Bermuda shorts.....TD


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                      Originally posted by rubber2ice

                      I suspect it'll be a go.....

                      Afterall, Chris needs the track for the enduro next weekend.
                      You mean the rain date is already booked to someone else? I was hoping to get a full weekend in for the stud cars, we can always hope the weather gets worse/better next week....
                      I REALLY need the practice


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                        I very much am trying to be optimistic, really!

                        Just had another look at the long term forecast for Minden.

                        I would say we'd have to press on with this weekend, next weekend looks worse....TD.


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                          terry...go listen to the message....

                          it's a go...full schedule....including studs
                          Old School Motorsports


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                            Uh-thanks Chris!

                            I've been under the impression all along that the final final decision was always made at noon on the Friday.....C ya there!!!