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    Had another great weekend. Not sure if this is of any concern to others but getting the day in and getting back at a reasonable time on Sunday evening is a bit of an issue here. Monday AM's come way too soon!
    I would like to see the pre gridded cars proceed onto the track as soon as it is determined that the previous race is completed (obviously), the track is clear of "banked" cars and the first couple of cars are exiting properly, this would indicate that the racers are aware the race is over. This would speed up things up quite a bit I think. It would only work racing clockwise though. From a visible standpoint only, as I haven't had a good look, we could maybe even leave the pregrid to the track, turn left and then immediatly turn right into the infield where the trailers are and reenter the track in order to grid.

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    Actually some quite valid points.
    When I misplaced my key (don't ask) this past weekend on the mock grid, I was
    the last one on the track. They had me scoot through the infield
    and line up at the tail. I thought that rather efficient actually.

    One of the neat things about running clockwise though is that one slow trip around the track kind of helps you orient yourself a little, I find, particularly after studs.

    I've often wondered why they wait until every last car is off the track from the previous race too. There is a good 2 to 3 minutes often of just sitting there, when in fact we could be on our way to line up the next race. All that adds up to a longer day and a lot of idling cars.....It should be a question at the meeting sunday morning...

    With all that time saved, perhaps we could go back to having victory laps for race winners!....

    That may help the small fan base, better identify with who the winner was. As well, when someone wins, I think we should have photos in front of the starters stand with the checkered flag!
    This does not have to be done all the time mind you, but the rush of parading that checkered flag around is pretty cool..And the photos are a great promo tool and will be good for your grand kids 10 years down the road....TD.


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      I have agreed with your suggestion for a long time but realized this past weekend that it ONLY works if there are no drivers running back to back races. If so these drivers would not have time to get into position for the next race. However perhaps the race organizers might be able to determine when this is an issue.


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        We were able this past weekend to "release the hounds" once the previous race last car was halfway around. We had few hold ups. There are a couple of drivers who do run back to back but in different cars. A crew member brings the car to the grid and once the driver has finished the race drives down to the grid jumps in the next car and his/her crew member drives the past race car back to their paddock. Works good.

        As for locking keys in cars...well....never mind.

        I wanted to run a parade lap on Saturday with the big fields. This would still allow for the starter to stay on his perch. That was shot down. As for victory laps it is too difficault. Last Saturday with the splitting of 12 & 13 we added 40 more laps to the day. It was getting dark by the last race.

        What I would like to see at the end of Saturday is a 10 lap shoot out with all the daily winners, all classes. So if you won that day then you got to run in the 10 lapper. this would also include the qualifier. That would bring sprectator interest. I don't know about prize money as yet. But it will be mentioned at the organizers meeting.
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          I'm not saying we should have a victory lap everytime someone wins a race. Say for first timers or if you win more than one, you get one checkered flag lap per weekend.

          we used to do it all the time and it's real kick to do it.

          I've heard comments from non participant associated spectators wondering aloud; "who won?" Then they would know!

          The winner could do it while the other classes are lining up or digging cars out of snowbanks...let's put on a little showmanship.

          If you've won a race out there, you worked your tail off to get it...



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            I'm all for the victory lap but it's the time. We could go back to 12 lap races. Thjat would work.
            "Love thine enemies, it scares the hell out of them"
            "You never have enough gas until you're on fire!" Ken Schrader NSCS


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              Skip the victory lap then , it would take too much time but how about the winner stopping at the starters stand and grab the flag, hold it up for a couple seconds while they r recognized by the fans/peers (also time for a photo op etc.) then get the heck off the track. The other cars in the field would still be coming off the track so there is no lost time.
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                Just to add my 2 cents worth. Being a marshal out there this weekend (freezeing my butt off), I to noticed that is was a while between races. But there were a couple times that races were delayed because the timers had to catch up/ get it right (no fault of there own). I got to hear this over the radio & you drivers may not be aware this.
                Terry just wants a 8 1/2 x 11 photo to use as a key chain.


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                  Terry, looks like you'll have to just start bringing a checkered flag along for ballast! Then you can wave it around on the cool down lap! Image 30 cars with 30 checkered flags waving all at the same time, that would really confuse all your fans!


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                    man....ever since Terry hits the front page of the Minden Times, he thinks he's hit the big times.

                    I heard that he's starting up a fan club, and autograph signing sessions.

                    Old School Motorsports


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                      I think it's a cool idea.. but what about classes like 1 and 4.. where the run rear wheel drive and 4wd.. who'd get the parade lap?... you would end up having two people do the parade lap.. and that would mean either having an extra flag or an extra lap.. i think it's a nice idea.. but a time waster
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                        We were alowed to do this in 98 and 99, ...I personaly don't see the problem....
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                          Hey Haasano:

                          I'm forwarding a pic of you to all the Bell High speed internet retail and around southern ontario....

                          Your access to high speed days are over......


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                            Since when has Bell been high speed? I won't give up my 10 meg CABLE modem.

                            And I hear TD has limited autographs to only 200/person.

                            "Love thine enemies, it scares the hell out of them"
                            "You never have enough gas until you're on fire!" Ken Schrader NSCS


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                              High speed? Us stud drivers can't afford things like that. After all, all of our money goes into studding tires.
                              Funny though, Studs = High speed!
                              Rubber = Dial up?
                              and by the way I'm sending a picture of your car to the former Head office of DATSUN! Better get your lawyer ready!