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    The February Online version of PMSC Bulletin can be viewed at

    Coverage of PMSC Ice race weekend

    Pete g

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    I knew if I tried hard enough that one day I would get my car on the cover of the PMSC newsletter.

    Years went by, I tried everything, winning races, winning championships, all to no avail....What would it take????

    Finally, I tried SO hard that I beached the GTX on the inside of corner 5 all by myself...Oh the humility of it all...

    But - the silver lining- I made the cover shot....Woo Hooo

    Life is good!


    BTW- some pretty interesting articles inside, the one about turbos particularly so...
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      Tony - I'm happy to see the photgraphic record since I missed it first hand and I now have a new standard to strive for!

      This just proves once again there's never a photographer around when you want one and always one available when you don't.


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        Seems to me that that picture was taken with a handheld camera by the passenger, can we say that's a no no?
        "Love thine enemies, it scares the hell out of them"
        "You never have enough gas until you're on fire!" Ken Schrader NSCS