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  • Banquet date....

    well i was just looking at the "latest news" on the casc website and i noticed that it said
    "Tickets are now available for the April 4th Ice Race Awards Banquet at the Annandale Golf & Country Club."
    well on my calendar... april 4th is a sunday.... am i wrong???
    Lisa Shaw
    Class 2 #185

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    It was the 4th last year (ATTN:webmaster!)
    The banquet date is Saturday April 3rd. On the bottom of the Standings PDF is the correct date and contact info for Steve Robson for tickets. 705-286-4724 or


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      Banquet Date

      I've notified the webmaster for you.
      Perry Iannuzzi
      Past President
      Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs -Ontario Region


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        Lisa give your head a shake, we party Saturday nights not Sundays. Just because you finished ahead of me and Big Greg. Of course I hear with RSR racing any day is a good day to party, so never mind. Just be there!!!
        "Love thine enemies, it scares the hell out of them"
        "You never have enough gas until you're on fire!" Ken Schrader NSCS


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          everyday is party day with RSR!!!!!!!! i knew it was on the saturday.. i just didn't want any one to be misinformed... see you all at the banquet!!!!
          Lisa Shaw
          Class 2 #185


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            Phew! .. Thought I had the wrong date there for a Mo'
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