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  • Baa Haaa Haaaaaaaa!!!

    This Is The Worst Winter Driving Idea Ever (Globe & Mail)...
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    Re: Baa Haaa Haaaaaaaa!!!

    After trying to get 3 cars started in my tem on Saturday morning I hopped in my Civic just before practice and went out.At the first corner the back end flipped out and I did a 180 and continued to do this through 5 practice laps.I was not sure if it was tire pressure, a bent wheel,suspension issue or something else.
    I turns out I forgot to change the 2 rear tow tires to tractionized tires.It was the most interesting 5 ice racing laps I have ever done but would not recommend it


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      Re: Baa Haaa Haaaaaaaa!!!

      I had the same thing happen to me the first race sunday. I had tires on the rear of my car that had no studs in them. The car was interesting to drive the entire race lol.