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Ice Driving Muskoka?

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  • Ice Driving Muskoka?

    I'm on vacation in the Muskoka region and spent some time out on Lake Joseph the last couple of days. It got me wondering if there were any areas nearby where I might be able to take my car out for some fun on the ice. It is not a prepared ice racing vehicle, just a street car but I've never driven on a frozen lake before and would love to give it a try. Is there anywhere this is possible or are sanctioned races basically the only option?

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    Re: Ice Driving Muskoka?

    As we are, reported to be, the only land based sanctioned track in North America, you would need insurance from ASN and permission from the track builders to run on the track itself ...

    However, if you get in touch with the Ian Law Driving school, they run on a different area of the grounds and are fully insured if you with to take his Ice Driving Lessons.

    Well worth the price and will improve your driving skills on the road to no end.
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