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    Andy,just giving a "for instance".The 5.0's don't impress me with full studs(be even less impressive next year with new stud rules!)so I wouldn't expect decent power to work much better than barely enough power for street studs.
    Chris and Gary and son with my old alltrac should be fun to watch in 4wd,rwd should be fun as well.
    Who else is interested in rwd street studs?.


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      I don't think entries is our problem.

      My main concern would be getting people to run the class in the first year. I don't doubt that after one year, and people seeing how competitive and fun a class like this can be, they will jump at it.

      I was seriously hooked on a street stud class when i saw the class of 40 cars in Quebec. The fight for 40th position was as good as the fight for the lead.

      as for RWD...I believe from talking to Andy, that people like Tom would probably run both Street studs, and Competition studs. I don't think it would be that hard to convince Terry "Hero Card" Dalton to go for it.

      My thought is this...get a tire manufacture on board. Call it the "Kumho Cup" (could be another brand), Run all street stud classes in a separate race, Score the street stud classes separately (SS1, SS2, SS4)....but...the overall champion from all these classes wins the "Kumho Cup" and a jacket.

      Problem is....we need interest, and people who are gonna run the class to step forward and say so. We can't pitch to a tire manufacturer, a dealer, or anything without interest.
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        Chris I have no interest in running a full on stud car again,the street studs I like very much however.Too much cash outlay(I fully remember the work involved in building stud tires,had a truck load of 'em)to run both stud classes.
        I like the bolt 'em on and drive thing!