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looking to try ice racing

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  • looking to try ice racing

    Hi All,

    F1600 and Chumpcar driver looking to try out ice racing. Garage is full at the moment so not looking to buy a car/team.

    I'm not sure if "arrive and drive" is common in ice racing, but let me know if you know of such an opportunity.

    Alternatively if someone wanted to split costs with me as a second driver, that would work too.


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    Re: looking to try ice racing

    Check the latest Nov. issue of CASC eNews - new "Trial Licence Program" available ...

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      Re: looking to try ice racing

      thanks, that seems like a great program.

      Still need help with Step 1: borrow/rent a car!


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        Re: looking to try ice racing

        Feel free to share mine with the other Junctioneers, JV. Currently sitting 30min from Minden and stuck in 2nd gear, but I'm sure Ken would be happy to swap in the spare 'box. - SS
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          Re: looking to try ice racing

          Thanks Steve-O, I'll get my people to contact your people.


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            Re: looking to try ice racing

            I would be willing to discuss options that might get you racing in AWD rubber to ice. If you want to discuss this, perhaps we can connect via pm then phone.
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              Re: looking to try ice racing

              OMSC has a club ice racer that can be used for a day. OMSC members, who have never Ice Raced before, can rent the car for free. Non members are $50 a day. Membership is $40 per year.
              This car is only available to people who have never Ice raced and want to give it a try.

              Andy Patterson
              OMSC President