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    The days are set up as this.

    Saturday you get a qualifying race in the morning. Usually around -40c/f. The scale meets at this point. After lunch you get 2 points races. On Sunday we don't start until 12 noon because of the church by-law. You get 2 points races in the afternoon.

    So in one weekend there are 5 races, 4 of which are for points. Top point for winning is 25 and it goes down from there.

    At the end of it all we have a bash the first Saturday of April and tell tall tales, well most of us tell the truth.

    We start mid January and go to the end of February. It runs 6 weekends.

    If you want to prepare for the cold make sure your street vehicle has a good heater. We all sit inside ours with the engines running. As for racing I wear just a sweater regular pants and running shoes but take a parka in case you get punted into the snow bank.
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      few other questions ,

      how long are the races ?
      how many times a day does 1 person race ?

      do people stay over for the night ?

      where do people stay while waiting for their turn ?
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        Races are 12 laps,each driver races 5 times per class per weekend-there is separate second driver classes that mirror the other classes.So you can either share a car with a friend or drive it twice yourself,alot of guys do that so they get 10 races over the weekend.
        Most city folk spend the night,I commute the 45 minutes form home.You can spend your time off track by hanging out with fellow racer's-or working on the car,usually pulling fenders off tires or putting bumpers back on etc!


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          thanks for the info
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