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  • Interesting Idea

    I have been toiling with a thought (yes I do have one once in a while), I need input from people. Here is my idea.

    We have a heat race at the end of the day that includes all classes (except stud and street studs) that would have the top three in each class from Saturday racing. So the most you would have is 24 cars (some may have won both races so I say max is 24).

    They do a 8 lap shootout for a trophy. The winner gets a parade lap with the checkered.

    Ok ok before everyone goes off ranting a raving about the AWD drive guys, here's the catch. You are gridded according to class. Class 2 & 12 would line up first then rest of the classes according to speed down the line. The quickest, AWD drive cars would line up in front of the start/finish line. This would mean they are on the lead lap but at the very back. It would take them through the pack to win.

    Once the race is over the top three are awarded trophies at the trailer on the podium.

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    Oh and one final note would could get a sponsor for this and call it the Budwieser Shootout. Or whoever the sponsor is.
    "Love thine enemies, it scares the hell out of them"
    "You never have enough gas until you're on fire!" Ken Schrader NSCS


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      I don't mind the idea crusher,its not bad to have the awd guy's start at the tail end of the lead lap as it should take a while to get them caught up.Once Chris catches up though its not much of a contest!


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        starting almost an entire lap down??? and 8 Laps??? you gotta be kidding....some of the top FWD guys aren't all that slow

        maybe start us in the dog leg.... i got no problems at all starting from the back of the pack though....I know when we used to run the feature races i often started at the time i was probably like 28th, and was 2nd or 2rd by the first corner

        I think the starting order should be something like this...RWD....FWD...then AWD. slowest at the front, and fastest at the back.

        and gottta run MORE laps than 8!!! We did this a couple years ago and we ran like 20-25. Although i do remember lapping everyone in a 20-25 lap race.

        Hell.. lets just keep running until it's dark!!!!!!!!

        Sounds like an awesome idea.

        One thing though...i think you will find it leads to a pile of carnage. Generally...AWD, FWD, and RWD all follow different lines. AWD guys Push on entry, then oversteer on exit . FWD just understeers and RWD just oversteers everywhere When we all run seperately we end up all following the same "arc" through the corners, when we mix we end up with carnage.
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          Good idea

          I like it too.

          But start the RWD drive guys at the normal spot. the FWD guys should be 2 corners behind them, then the 4wd guys just ahead of the start finish as you suggest. This way the stagger is fairer to the RWD guys.

          You shouldnt have too much problem with carnage because you are dealing with the top drivers from each group. And they didnt get to be the top drivers by bashing their way up there. (mostly)

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            Sounds like a good time on the Minden Nurburgrink.
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              I like Tony's stagger suggestion best,lets the guy's in each class get a little sorted out before a faster group catches up.Should lead to less contact,I see lots of um contact if the fwd's and rwd's start close and get to turn one sorta together.