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ice racers for sale??

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  • ice racers for sale??

    where can i find ice racers for sale ready to go?
    2007 Lotus Exige S

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    Hi, I have a rubber-to-ice car for sale, please email:

    Thanks, Rob


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      A friend of mine just informed me that he won't have time to run the car he built so it's for sale-open to offer's.

      Its an '87 honda civic 4wd wagon,it mirrors the car I used to win the 2001 class championship.It has a head swap to toss out the lousy cvcc head(uses a cross flow head/carb from a 1500cc gl,milled and ported).I used the same set-up and with the stock bottom end(mine was worn out)and stock cam it would rev clean and pull decently right to 7500rpm(wrapped past 8k once trying to pull out of a spin caused by a tap in the rear).
      Just needs minor finishing to start having fun.

      If interested just contact me and I'll pass the info along.


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        I used the same set-up and with the stock bottom end(mine was worn out)
        "WORN OUT" HAHA!!!!! i think so.. we were honestly placing bets on how long it would be before you blew the thing up. I swear you must have gone through a liter of oil a race!

        That would be a fun car though...if the price is right....come play with us class 4 guys.
        Old School Motorsports


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          Actually Chris the bottom end was fine,I used a custom built smoke screen system to keep those pesky turbo subes off my ass!!
          I had so much lucas/stp/whatever else crap I could use so wasn't really burning that much oil-its just that what did burn was pretty foul smelling(at least thats what everyone in 2nd place and back told me)

          I do find it kinda funny that you guys blow up several subaru engines a year and my little honda lasted the year even when it started pretty much pooched.


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            hey....we only blew up one last year in rubber, and it was a head gasket.

            Our problem is we keep pulling engines outta $50 parts cars with like 200KM on them, then we go out and pull like 15 psi..
            Old School Motorsports


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              Kinda the same thing as me-pulling 7500 rpm outa a worn out grocery getter,only mine outran your 15lbs of boost and didn't break


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                Max, CLEAN OUT your mailbox !


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                  I DID!!!!!!!!!.

                  There were only about 10 in there tops as of 30 seconds ago,now there's 2.

                  I assume you have a question about the civic wagon for sale?.


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                    Ice Racer Wagon Info

                    I do not know why I am proceeding in the direction of ice racing, no space to store anything, no time to pursue a complete series, still have to finish the G70+ Starlet. I guess that I had too much fun doing the one race last year!
                    Yes information away on the wagon, P.M. if you want.


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                      YES George - do it!


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                        You have mail!


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                          Who does, Tom?
                          Ice Racing will always be a Black art! So ... In order to finish first, ... first you must Finish!

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                            1989 Civic SI for sale, would make a great ice racer , project racecar, or parts car.

                            contact Andrew at Wheel and Tire Zone for more info.
                            Asking $1000.00

                            905 624 1577, Mississauga
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                              Umm the guy looking for the honda wagon info has some mail.