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how to start ice racing?

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  • how to start ice racing?

    hello everyone..
    i have a line on a couple ice racers and now i need to know how to get signed up and anything else i need to get ready for the season.

    2007 Lotus Exige S

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    A couple of cars? Great, the more the merrier.

    For answers to all your questions go to:

    Also for a copy of last year's rule book go to:

    If you need answers to direct questions email me at crusher45@powergate .ca

    The competitor's meeting is set for Sunday November 28 at 1pm at the Annandale Golf & CC in Pickering. See other post for map. Here you will receive the 2005 rule book, series decals and at the end of the meeting I will be going over various things with the rookies ie rookie school, testing, getting numbers, prepping cars, etc. Don't get scared off the test is general race questions and open book.

    The one thing very important to remember is to call the hotline at noon on Fridays for a go/no go for the weekend.

    One last thing if you need to talk things over just call me at 905.982.1688 ask for David.
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      thank you very much i will read all you suggested and attend the meeting.

      2007 Lotus Exige S