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  • Tractionized Tires for Sale

    I am cleaning out the garage. Most tires are on rims- 4 bolt (4x100) 13"- with tubes. All tires are 175/70/13 or 155/80/13 which is the same diameter. All are stored indoors in the Minden area.

    4 Blizzak WS 50s on Toyota alloy rims, 2 Blizzak WS 50s on Volkswagon rims, 4 Yokohama Ice Guard IG 20 on steel rims, 2 Blizzak MZ02s on rims, 2 Goodyear Ultragrip Ice on rims , 2 Toyo Observe on rims, 2 Blizzak WS 15s on rims, 2 Nokian NRWs ,

    Most tires on rims with tubes -$30 each
    Nokians without rims or tubes-$15 each

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    The Blizzaks on Toyota rims are sold.
    The Blizzaks on VW rims are sold.
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