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    I remember one weekend Frank Sprongl brought up his Audi Quattro to ice race. He and that Tercel had a heck of a race until Sprongl had a tire go down and the Audi nearly vaulted the banking!
    There's actually a 2nd part to that Story. The week before Frank brought the Audi, he came up and drove our original Subaru Wagon. It was actually quite funny to watch him come down the end of the straight, pitch it comletely sideways and then come the the realization that the car had like 40 HP, and didn't have enough power to keep in him the drift!.

    He said he would be back, and they spent the entire week studding tires. They showed up with the Audi, and i don't think they ever kept a tire on the car. When the tires came off i think they took the fenders worth about 1000 a piece with them.
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