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Ruling on grinding down Studs

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    Originally posted by rx1800
    Dave, are you sure you would not change your mind.
    Even if you don't change your mind,there is a little problem left.
    After your first reply of my question, I told my friend about it.
    He cut criss-cross groove on more than half of studs of one tire spending good one half of the day,before I told him the final decision.
    He is very unhappy.
    Is it possible to let him use one tire as it is,because it is a lot of work to replace studs, more than you can imagine.
    I am sorry for that but it was a matter of hours between messages and as the one post that had the criss cross and smiley faces it said to conform to the rules. There are not criss cross or smiley faces in the rules.

    Therefore again no criss cross or smiley faces just one v-groove no more than 3mm deep.
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