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ice race rookie...what a hoot!

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  • ice race rookie...what a hoot!

    Thanks folks...for not running us over!!

    I did my first race on Saturday in the 'vette (aka smuf'vette) and loved it.

    We may have the slowest car in RWD but I still get a laugh out of keeping up to (sometimes closing in on) the AWD cars through the turns...even had an opportunity to wave hi to one you AWD'ers!

    You can identify our car by the blindingly quick starts we do. Yes, when the rest of the grid has reached the first turn we are still spinning the rear wheels, with 0% throttle, at the line. Idle is all it takes!!
    Time for some ballast me thinks

    We thought the racing stripes would make it quick, what a myth that turned out to be

    Can't wait until next time!!

    Oh yeah, what kind of speeds do you class1 guys/gals hit down the straight? We eventually reach 60km/h before the binders come on.


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    Glad you had fun



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      Re: ice race rookie...what a hoot!

      Originally posted by Tashko

      Oh yeah, what kind of speeds do you class1 guys/gals hit down the straight? We eventually reach 60km/h before the binders come on.

      i cant answer for class 1 cars, but our class 2/12 Rabbit does 95 kmh and my studded Mazda GTX hits 120 kmh.

      Sounds like your going to have to pedal a little faster Tashko!!

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        Thanks folks...for not running us over!!
        It's easy not to run you over when you drive as predictably as you did. I'm sure that last year I must have gotten in a few peoples ways when I was going down a lap. Even if you weren't fast, you at least didn't piss anybody off!
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          i think i saw 107 KPH at the end of the straight ...but that's a class 4 rubber car. I think after studs i prolly went faster...but i wasn't paying too much attention to the speedo.
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            Wow, you guys are throwing around some big numbers. The fastest I've ever seen in my CRX is about 85 kph. Todd McCall said they had a radar gun out the first weekend and the fastest they say in the FWD rubber cars was 76 kph I think.

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              Ok, to stop the big fish stories I will try and remember to bring my radar gun out this weekend. Yes, the one I use for CASCAR in pit lane. We will see what each class does at the end of the straight.
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                Usually 70 to 80 KMH on good days but after stud race on cold days first lap can be up around 90 to 100 kmh in a locked diff RWD
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                  I've got in car video footage showing 110 kph, Class 1 Rubber to ice '79 Rear drive Corolla locked diff...7500 Rpm 2nd gear!!! Remember those days Scott?


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                    Where are ya Wilde16?
                    Come on out and play....what happened to the beast?

                    And don't encourage Scott and those locked diffs. He has become
                    milder and gentler, now that he has an open diff....He's more sophisticated and worldy...



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                      I'm still here, watching from the wings.
                      I scrapped the beast a year ago, the front crossmember fell off the subframe. Wrecking yard must have wondered what they were crushing with all the rollcage tubing and the concrete filled fenders.
                      I kept three sets of wheels hoping to get another Toyota...MR2 maybe? Rick C. and I are planning to come up one weekend.


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                        Ha Ha "Those Days"..... actually some of them are tough to remember! What I do remember (and very fondly too) the one time I got to race your Corolla, Man what a sweet beast!!! Thanks again for loaning it.

                        Ya u an Cruiser should come this weekend it is of course the DAC/SAC weekend with way too much fun at the Cliffe.
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