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  • Polar Bear Rally

    Hi there folks!

    Haven't seen much action here on this forum but I just wanted to thank EVERYONE who made my first Polar Bear Rally a fun one. Was super gassed at the end of it but our team went home pretty happy we weren't dead last and I figured out a lot more things that I should be doing as a co-pilot to help my driver succeed.

    Got the jitters out as a team in the first leg (which were horribly far behind) and then cut it down considerably in sector B and then super finessed it on sector C to come to a decent finish for an all rookie team.

    As someone who's volunteered at the Tall Pines rally on at least two occasions, I am SUPER GRATEFUL to all the volunteers who stood out in as cold as -26C conditions for us rolling into checkpoints. It was a fun and smooth event and as far as I know, no one crashed or had any major incidents.

    Will be back in 2020!


    Kevin Wong
    GT3 / STR / C-Stock Plus Honda S2000 #111
    2020 OTA Chief Timer