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Complete newbie. Stupid Question: How / where do I start?

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  • Complete newbie. Stupid Question: How / where do I start?

    Thank you in advance for indulging my ignorance.

    I've always wanted to drive fast around a track, and I figure that during a mid-life crisis in the middle of global pandemic is as good a time as any to get started.

    I've done "advanced driver training" in the past in cars and motorcycles on tracks and really enjoyed it.

    Now I'd like to figure out it if this something I can enjoy regularly and if I can even afford it, or if it's just a pipe dream.

    So, what's a good way to get into racing?
    Should I start with karting?
    Take a class?
    Track days?

    Basically if you were staring again from scratch, how would you do it?

    I have no equipment.
    I have an old Miata (91) that "ran when parked" many years ago, that may or may not be salvageable or modifiable for the track.

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    Alex, welcome. I'm going to ask you a few questions. Do you want to do "door to door" racing or do you think "time attack" (one car at a time sort of on a race track would satify you ?
    At least for a while. While yIt will be said on this forum that it is probably cheaper to by a completed race car than to build one from scratch. Most people don't have the skills, eqiuipmet, space,
    etc to build a full on Racee car them selves. Lots of used Race cars are for sale but you might have to travel to get one. There's nothing wrong with using 2021 going to events and finding out what you want
    to do and then be ready to do it in 2022. If you want to Road Race, taking a school where all you need to do is bring money and yourself is a good way to start becausr if you find out there is no way you will ever be at all competitive you are only out the price of the school and not for all the stuff you bought and then can;t use. A brand new driver's suit, helmet, gloves, socks, underwea, shoes etc are USED as soon as you get into a car with them on. Doing a proper school will teach you MANY thing you will never learn on your own. Think about what you WANT to do won't cost you anything. Taking a complete school in the U.S.A.
    might be hard due to the COVID restrictions.
    Welcome. Don't be atraid to ask questions. You've come to the right place.


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      Thanks for taking the time to reply.
      The big question is how can I get the most seat time for the fewest dollars. I'm located in Toronto so events that are within driving distance will be easier to attend. The farther I have to go the less often I'll be able to go. Door to door racing is probably the ideal, but I think I would enjoy anything that lets me drive fast, and that has some level of competition even if it's just me vs. the clock.
      I agree that learning how to drive on the track would be a great place to start. Can you recommend some good schools in Ontario?


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        Yes you can do this in Ontario.

        there is a school at Shannonville that gives you a path to a licence.

        i suggest you call them and talk about your goals to ensure that after the course there is a way for you to be observed and licensed.

        The second way know of is through Driveteq.

        they have events where you can bring your own car and get coaching. Tell them your goals and see if there is a way for you to complete enough to get observed by CASC for a licence. They also have race cars you can rent in a series with no licensing but it can get expensive. Good way for you to get your feet wet though and a fun group.

        I recommend you first call be to the CASC race director. He is also responsible for approving licenses so he can recommend a path for you to get to CASC licensed racing. His name is Ray. Tell him I sent you.

        Feel free to private message me with a cell if you would like to chat. I am a racer in CASC Sprints and can tell you a bit about the different race options of Sprints, open wheel and Vintage with VARAC. I can also advise a bit on race car options and costs.
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          Ice racing is a good start for door to door racing. its really cheep and you will learn a lot about how to not hit other drivers. We are unable to race this year, but I am hopeful we can get back to racing next year.
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