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    I have a few questions regarding the first 2 events of the season . I'm going to submit my car for classification tonight or tomorrow depending on the answers I get . The car is classed as a GT3 . However if I run street tires its T1 S and GT4 R with R compound . Is it a problem if I submit the car as a GT4 R and show up on saturday with street tires ? Also I neglected to get a CASC log book at the open house . Will there be any at the event or will I have to make arrangements to pick one up prior ? . Thanks for help , I'm sure I'll have a few more in the next couple of days .

    Thanks John
    sigpic1999 Acura Integra
    # 699 SGT 1 OTA
    998 Miata Chumpcar

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    Re: Questions

    Classify your car without taking the tires into account.
    Then, at the track, you just tell me what tires you're using and I'll tell you your final class....

    yes, there will be logbooks at the track, that you will get in exchange for the Annual Inspection Checklist
    Ana Santos