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Engine ticking noise after Mosport

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    Re: Engine ticking noise after Mosport

    An update for those still curious or following along on the engine ticking problem ... took it to the dealer and in their expert opinion by their very experienced service manager at Budds in Oakville they deemed it to be a clutch throwout bearing. So in they went, replaced the clutch plate and bearing, buttoned it up and ... the ticking is still there. So back in to look the bottom end; rod is loose at the pin in cyl 3, recommend a new motor ... that will be $6k please!! So I checked out for only $2k (clutch, oil pan seal that was leaking and exploring the bottom end ... fortunately the clutch was near done anyway or I would be been much unhappier). (With motor that would have been $8k; car is only worth $10k, so that was a non-starter at every level. Worst case I would have found a motor and put it in myself.)

    So I took it home, bought an auto stethoscope and poked and prodded around the motor a couple weeks ago; the ticking seems to be pretty clearly in the lower-mid block. I also watched the pulley on the end of the crank for play as the clutch was moved in an out; it moves back for forth a teeny bit ... just visible; guessing 10-15 thousandths, but definiely not this much ... Supposed to be 6-8 thou, probably not visible, so it seems some wear is apparent.

    After that I then took it for a spin around the block and wound it up a bit (5-6k) and when I came back the ticking was very quiet, like background engine noise ... if you didn't know what to listen for you would likely miss it; maybe the ticking was always there, but much quiter, just part of background engine noise. However, fired it up again to check the crankshaft play when hot and the tick was back.

    Since then, we have just driven it as normal, includig a few autocross and it seems to be mostly gone (or much quieter) and is only louder once in a while.

    I'm also keeing the oil higher than max now. Next stop, solosprint at Calabogie; hopefully no issues.

    Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions.
    Matt C
    OTA #38 Miata