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  • Nick Majors
    Re: Banquet Tickets

    More Banquet details can be found in this thread -

    NOTE - Complimentary tickets as above are being provided by CASC-OR, your Solosprint Director and Solosprint committee, and of course our sponsors.

    By the way - in Solosprint - all trophy winners (based on results and minimum number of events) will be getting two (2) tickets - while in Race and Autoslalom - class winners get 2 tickets and 2nd/3rd place only get one each.
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  • Chuck Atkins
    Re: Banquet Tickets

    If you would like to purchase tickets for the banquet please contact me at:


    The cost is $75.00 per ticket.

    The entree is chicken but beef or vegetarian is available upon request.

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  • Chuck Atkins
    started a topic Banquet Tickets

    Banquet Tickets

    The following people will be receiving complimentary tickets to the CASC-OR Banquet on Novenber 22nd. at the Toronto Congress Centre. The tickets have been awarded according to class standings, sponsorship and volunteer work over the course of the season. Each recipient will receive 2 complimentary tickets. The entree will be chicken but beef or vegetarian will be available upon request only.

    Please confirm with me via my email address as to whether or not you will be attending.

    My email address is: chuck[dot]atkins[at]sympatico[dot]ca

    Shawn C.
    Allan M.
    Adam H.
    Brad M.
    Peter L.
    Paul M.
    Avi K.
    Mark B
    Jonathan W.
    David B.
    David E.
    Chris P.
    Bryan S.
    Miles M.
    David M.
    Mohamed H.
    Wes T.
    Andrew VdP.
    John P.
    Bram W.
    Chris D.
    Matthew C.
    Shaun K.
    Derrick C.
    Cheuk N.
    Rolf VE.
    Raj D.
    Will C.
    Shakier A.
    Bob P.
    Serge G.
    Guillermo A.
    Craig S.
    Stephen D.
    Ivano dP.
    Ana S.
    Rick A.
    Joe S.
    Gerry C.
    Andy P.
    James M.
    David P.
    Arek W.
    Ron P.

    Please respond VIA EMAIL only within the next week. Please do not use this forum as I intend to print out each person's response for my records.