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    First of all, happy Canada day! I hope everyone has a great time tonight celebrating the great country that we live in.

    So I've been comparing my logs with two of my friends who have the same car but different mods and it's really interesting to see how certain mods (for example, different gearing on the tranny is a noticeable improvement) affect the performance on track.

    This gave me an idea - if we had a database of logs (in NMEA format) where people could upload their best lap for each event, it could help people learn how to improve their driving, and also help people understand how modifications affect performance on the track. For example, I learned that my line through turns 3,6,7,8 at tmp could use some adjustment. I also learned that my car which has 6pips of engine mods per the rule book makes marginally to zilch more power than a stock car. This sort of information compiled in a database with pip schedules can really help people to not make the same mistakes when going through the learning curve of our wonderful sport.

    Obviously, this sort of thing won't happen overnight, but if anyone wants my logs, or wants to share their logs from the first four events, my email is

    ps - I'm flirting with the idea of going to a rwd car so any information I can get will really help me in making a good decision and cut out the guess work!
    2010 to 2013 OTA competitor with a Honda, Ford, and a BMW.

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    Re: GPS Dataloggers

    You have data from a rwd 240, that motor is stock with high k's

    car is very fun, and cheap.

    Miata's and S2000 are also a good choice, just more pricey

    what ever you decide to do I will help you pick your mods