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Hey everyone (couple Qs)

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  • Hey everyone (couple Qs)

    Hello everybody,

    Quick question about classification..

    I currently have a 2003 Subaru WRX. I'm in the process of gutting it with the plans of putting a full 2004 STi drivetrain. The only thing that would be non OEM would be the interior (gutted with a cage) and coilovers. I know for the coilovers I would just add the proper PI points to my initial starting point. But this is where I'm not 100%. Would I have to simply supply a dyno sheet to show my power ratings, do some hp/weight calculations?

    I've gone over the rules several times..

    ".2 Swapped engines may be modified and assessed PIPs under Sections 5.0A through F"

    ".3 Swapped engines will result in the vehicle being assigned a new Starting PI based on the horsepower rating of the installed engine"

    So by this, I'm assuming I would just supply a dyno sheet, then I would be told what my class would be? Really, I would be near stock Sti..

    Just wondering if someone can fill me in before I really involved in my build.

    Ryan McAndrews

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    Re: Hey everyone (couple Qs)

    send a note to steved at he'll help class your car and answer your questions. He also posts here under the name "slowpoke".

    Hope this helps.
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      Re: Hey everyone (couple Qs)

      Since you're gutting it, you'll be required to submit a curb weight as you'll exceed 4 bpips (body pips).
      Since you're swapping motors, I'd go with the swap engine option so you'd claim whatever the STI makes (300hp?). DO NOT go with the dyno option as you'll be penalized at a minimum of 2.5 pips (this is to thwart cheaters).

      Then what the classification system does is calculates your Weight to HP ratio based on the above two inputs you've entered. Whatever this number is, it gets converted into a index number based on a range of 6 - 35 (minimum and maximum Weight to HP allowed in this series) and subsequently multiplied by 0.7 to get your 'Power PIPS'. (Side note: It's interesting that if the 35 number changes in the rule book, it affects the total PAX scoring i.e. the scoring between high horsepower cars and low horsepower cars).

      Then handling is the other 30% of calculating your final pips which is based on the starting handling value of 60 for your WRX. Then according to a table based on initial handling index, adding dampers and springs to your WRX will cost 6spip's. This means your 'Handling PIPS' will be calculated like this:

      (Initial Handling Index)*0.30 + f(sPips) = 'Handling Pips'

      In your case it would be (60*0.3) + 6.7.

      You then add the 'Power PIPS' and 'Handling Pips' for your final PI.

      Hope that helps!

      PS - Make sure with your engine swap, ALL the stock STI engine management ECU and computers and everything mechanical including all valves, fuel system, etc, is included in the swap. For example, if you use the stock WRX header on the STI engine, it can and probably will be considered a performance upgrade worth 2 pips so be careful in planning your build.
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        Re: Hey everyone (couple Qs)

        Thanks for the reply guys!

        As for my build. I plan on keeping everything OEM Sti spec on the drivetrain, ecu side.

        Would it be a safe assumption if I would be placed in a class with original STis/or be slightly above? (due to the coilovers/weight loss?

        I just wouldn't want to go up against ferarris or something and have it all be a waste of time.