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Event 6 - Unofficial Class Finish

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  • Event 6 - Unofficial Class Finish

    Hi Folks,
    This is unofficial. The official results including time and pax will be posted later this week. This is just to let you know where you finished in your class for event 6. I typed this manually so didn't include the times; but since we didn't share this due to technicalities yesterday I wanted you to have this much now. Thank you for your patience.

    I spoke personally with all of the drivers who were left sitting at the pits. They all wanted the run groups to be included, even though it was a potential disadvantage to them. I spoke with many of the driver's who didn't get all three laps in their last session. They were also fine with moving ahead. If I didn't speak to you and you want to talk to me, PM or email (frank_ewald at sympatico dot ca) me your phone number and I'll happily call you.

    I want to again thank everyone for your participation in a very wet day. The volunteers were outstanding. Chuck, Bob, Maurizio, Andrew, Derrick - thank you for enduring the wet weather.

    Frank - organizer for event 6

    Miles Markovic
    Kevin Morris
    Martin Gdyczynski
    Wes Tanney
    Mark Giziewicz

    Jonathan Weir
    William Chan

    Bryan Sperandei
    Trung Do
    David Ezaki

    Chris Paczynski
    Brad Merkel
    Ron Richardson

    Paul McFadden
    Todd Presswood
    Norbert Rodrigues

    Riaan Van Vuuren
    Patrick Lanigan

    Dave Barker
    Lloyd Martin
    Fabrizio Caravaggio

    Matthew Berridge
    Ford Wood
    Andre Corriveau
    Jeff Dodge

    Andy Presswood
    Sal Vilardo
    Benjamin Freeling
    Pierre Lefebvre
    Blain Grindal
    Michael Thompson
    Mohamed Hussain (withdrew due to weather)

    John Paczynski
    Bram Weitzman

    Ben Beacock
    Bruce Beacock
    Dieter Teschner

    Katie Ewald
    Michael Franceschini
    sigpicFrank - OTA #259 retired. I'm in BC now!

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    Re: Event 6 - Unofficial Class Finish

    Frank, you did a great job keeping things going as smoothly as possible under difficult circumstances. Your efforts are well appreciated and I'm convinced it helped to keep everyone safe out on the track. I have to say that I've had more than enough "fun" wet line driving for this season... BTW you and Stephen could take your "comedy announcer's" act on the road. I'm not sure it would pay much, or if it would pay at all, but you'd certainly have fun at it!
    CarGuy - Subaru BRZ #57
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      Re: Event 6 - Unofficial Class Finish

      A big thanks to everyone involved for a great weekend at the track under trying weather's great to be back out again! (and of course to finish without using any towing service, oil dry, etc.)
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