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    Re: Layout changes?

    Originally posted by ADAM View Post
    "Same 3 series platform but each model would have a different HI."

    Ahhhh frech friend..that is the crux of the issue...

    we do not differenciate between the same car and that car having FWD and a AWD varient by changing the handling index

    so we dont assign any benifit to various drivetrain layouts..which makes no sense

    thats my point
    Just doing my bit to aid and abet Adam
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      Re: Layout changes?

      Originally posted by Mr_Efficiency View Post
      The car is an 86 crx. I was plaing on using a crv trans and complete rear subframe. I know the crv doesnt put much power to the rear wheels and is fwd most of the time, but the way the system works all that is easily modified.
      But I dont want to get into that here.

      I have to get on reading/memorizing your rule book so I can keep up with this. Maybe I should have kept this to myself until after the new rules were set in stone so this stayed over looked, lol :P
      Don't worry, _E. It's normal for us to discuss things to no end on these forums.

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        Re: Layout changes?

        Originally posted by ADAM View Post

        it would be like claiming the extra weight of a V8...but somehow we forgot that....gee wizz it produces more power...

        or in this case... we claim the wieght of the AWD system...but forget that having another set of wheels a huge advantage...especially when you get more power
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          Re: Layout changes?

          Originally posted by SmokeScreen
          Wow, I am surprised too. A 2006 BMW 330i is RWD and has a suspension index of 70, a 2006 330xi is the same car in AWD, same hp and a bit heavier (210lbs) and has a suspension index of 70, both cars starting class is GT2. I am no expert, but that does not seem right.

          Just how good do you think that BMW AWD system really is in an asphalt track environment, not all AWD systems are creating equal. I'd take the 330i with a LSD myself.