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    So I had a great time at Shannonville this weekend, and was pretty happy with the results until the weekend was over and I tried taking off my competition rims. One of the lugnuts somehow seems stripped and I cannot get it out. The rim is an enkei rpf1 and has very little clearance to work with the nut.

    I need some referrals to professional shops that can fix this for me (take out nut, maybe replace stud) on my 2003 Mustang GT without damaging my rim. If any one of our sponsors can offer this type of service, please let me know.

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    Re: Help needed

    Ujjwal, you have an e-mail


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      Re: Help needed

      This happened to me once. I grabbed my deep/skinny sockets to find one that cleared the counterbore in the rim and almost fit over my lug nut. I then used a dremel and ground out the flat spots on the hex pattern to give them a good bevel/chamfer. I then hammered the socket on to the lug, then proceeded as you normally would using the socket wrench to gently break it loose.

      It might not be a bad idea to get some cardboard, plywood or something similar to help shield your nice rims. I think I had a steel plate between the socket and the hammer so I didn't have to be dead accurate.

      It's a crappy situation, good luck with it.
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        Re: Help needed

        Sorry, to clarify, the stud itself might be stripped. The lugnut spins freely (with a little force), and doesn't seem to engage any threads.
        2010 to 2013 OTA competitor with a Honda, Ford, and a BMW.


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          Re: Help needed

          been there done sucks....

          i have done the following

          1=weld a threaded rod to lug nut to be able to put force on it to thread it off

          2=used carbide cutter to slowly cut lugnut off

          3=if its the stud thats spiining..weld stud to rear of hub
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