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track tires for my Mustang

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    Re: track tires for my Mustang

    Originally posted by Rob-RT View Post
    Most of the ~140 UTOG tires out there are pretty comparable, there are a few tests that compare them out there on the interwebs. I think Hankook are a heavy favourite due mostly to their cost (they priced out at 1/2 the price of the same sized toyo)
    +1. Dave is going to hate this but my gut feel (and some horribly unreliable gps data with some variable fudging) says that the starspecs might be better suited for the mustang in terms of wear, and laptimes (and funny enough, the RS3's probably would have been better tires for the prelude). I just don't know how they'd do on a heavier car. They were awesome tires on my prelude. 25000 street km, and 11 track days, only swapped front to rears once, and still had a little life. For grassroots, that should be the spec tire lol.
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      Re: track tires for my Mustang

      Wow! I really appreciate all the advice. It gives me much to consider. Better start saving my coins. I hope to have the new tires & rims for next season. (If my current tires last the rest of this season....)

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        Re: track tires for my Mustang

        Kelly, look here:
        Make sure they're +45 offset for 05+ Stangs
        #25 summer & winter