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streets or r-comps?

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    Re: streets or r-comps?

    Originally posted by Ujjwal View Post
    It says Hankook Motorsports in your sig, what do you do for them?

    Here's my car loading up the tires. Guess the air pressures.


    "How to determine best pressures
    There are a variety of methods used by folks to determine the optimal pressure for competition use for a given tire. The most common method to "ask the experts" on the Internet. And while this can certainly get you in the ballpark, it is fraught with issues. Optimal pressure depends a lot on how your car is setup, the surfaces you run on and the weather. In particular, if you don't have optimal camber settings for your suspension, you'll need more air. Likewise, if yo are running on a smaller rim width or if your car is heavier, you'll need more air. So take everything you hear with a grain of salt and do your own testing. "
    funny i run with optimal camber settings, with a proper sized rim, my car is not heavy yet the tire temps and laptimes agreed that more pressure was needed in the front!

    ran around 40 hot all season because i figured that was the way to go, wasn't till my friend Bill came out near the end of the season with his pyrometer that we found out it needed more.


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      Re: streets or r-comps?

      Lots of interesting reading at
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        Re: streets or r-comps?

        Originally posted by 10gt61 View Post

        Very usefull info
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          Re: streets or r-comps?


          I don't "do" anything for Hankook Canada anymore. They abandoned Canadian grass roots motor sports in 2011. I haven't changed my signature because occasionally someone will see it and ask me if I can help them understand their tires a bit better. I'm happy to accomodate any sincere requests.

          I am a big fan of Hankook competition tires (Z211, Z214, RS-3) because they are a cost-effective way to go fast, provided that the car and driver are optimized to take advantage of the design strengths of the Hankook perfomance tire carcass - very stiff sidewall, very square side wall.

          With respect to "guessing" anything about your tire pressures: I don't know you or your driving style. I don't know what size tires are on the car. I don't know your car (weight, mods) or how it is set-up. I don't recognize the corner shown in your photo, I don't know the entry or mid-corner speed during the shot. I don't know the track temperature and I don't know what your median tire temperatures were on that day. Finally, I don't know what your goal was during that shot, ie. what part of your session were you running.

          I need to know these things before I would attempt to "guess" anything. Otherwise, it's all another exercise in internet "guessing" bull$hit.

          I have spoken with Scott a bit about you and your car. My advice is to find a needle pyrometer, take it to Scott and ask him drive with you for a day at whichever track you think is critical for your sporting goals. Invest your time and a set of tires in this plan. Optimize the car, tires and driver. Your tires will be happier and you'll be quicker.

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