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2012 Ontario Time Attack Rules and Regulations

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    Re: 2012 Ontario Time Attack Rules and Regulations

    One more question on rules:

    In section 1.2., the rule book states:

    .3 All competitors driving ‘Open Modified’ class vehicles shall wear the driver
    safety equipment mandated by the CASC-OR Race Regulations. This
    includes, but is not limited to: SA2000 or SA2005 helmet, and the following
    items made of fire resistant material approved by ASN Canada, FIA, SCCA or
    SFI: gloves, underwear, shoes, two layer one-piece driving suit, balaclava
    and socks.

    Now, in this year's Race Regulations, Appendix K, section 2.7, it states that all drivers must wear a Frontal Head Restraint conforming to section K 7, which specifies:
    7.1 Accepted Equipment
    a) FHR Devices meeting the following standards are accepted
    i) FIA Standard 8858
    ii) SFI Specification 38.1

    So, does this Race rule now apply to Open Mod cars in OTA? (i.e. do I have to buy a Head Restraint to run this year?)
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      Re: 2012 Ontario Time Attack Rules and Regulations

      So after meeting a few CASC competitors this year, I have decided to run OTA next year.

      I have a few questions though regarding aftermarket harnesses. I currently have a Sparco Evo2 seat installed in my Speed3. I would like to run an aftermarket harness but I don't understand what I can and can't use. Could someone please explain it to me a little clearer please.

      What does it mean by approved 4 point harness?
      Could I run a 5 point of 6 point?
      Does that mean I will need roll over protection?
      Is a harness bar considered acceptable means of mounting the harness?
      Can I anchor the shoulder belt(s) to the rear seat child LATCH system anchor point? Maybe if I used a 3 point harness with anti-sub straps?

      A little guidance would be great. I don't want to spend money prepping my car only to find out I did it wrong.

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        Re: 2012 Ontario Time Attack Rules and Regulations


        5 and 6 pnt can only be used with rollover protection.

        A harness bar is not rollover protection.

        4 pt belts must be DOT, not racing belts. The DOT ones have break away built into them.

        I personally do not reccomend these but they are allowed.

        A racing seat with factory 3 pnt is allowed.

        Any further questions, do not hesitate to give me a call.

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          Re: 2012 Ontario Time Attack Rules and Regulations

          Ok this might sound silly to some of you, why is it required to have roll over protection if I'm using a +4 point harness?

          I know that with the DOT standard is so you don't suffer from a basular(sp?) skull fracture on impact, but I don't understand why I would then need rollover protection by adding some anti-sub straps, provided I wore a HANS device, and appropriate helmet.

          I understand a harness bar is not rollover protection.

          I've read some of the Schroth harness installation guides and I know I can get all the mounting angles right without rollover protection.
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            Re: 2012 Ontario Time Attack Rules and Regulations

            You can't move to the side during a rollover due to the shoulder straps not having a give-away. This wouldn't allow you to move your head to the side as the roof collapses on it.

            As mentioned, check out the Schroth 4 point DOT's if you want to go that way. You'll have to find one with the DOT approval for use in your vehicle and install it exactly as they instruct.

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              Re: 2012 Ontario Time Attack Rules and Regulations

              i don't understand the moving side to side argument. Fully strapped in with a Schroth Rallye 4 harness you will not be able to move side to side either. Strapping myself in with a 4-point DOT harness in my Sparco seat will allow the same amount of movement. Both shoulder belts go through the should belt cut-outs and therefore wouldn't allow me to move side to side any different then a competition harness. How I understand that competition harness are a lot more stringent with the mounting angles and locations.

              The ASM (anti-sub-marine) design just allows your body to have a controlled forward force in an impact and not allow you to slip underneath the harness.

              Judging from the way the Schroth is designed it's similar to a fall arrest harness just designed for a forward motion instead of vertical. It's just to limit the amount of energy subjected to the body.

              I'll be happy running a Schroth Rallye 4 harness so it doesn't matter to me it just seems odd that's all.

              To the Safety People, I think the term is scrutineer can I use a DOT approved harness with anti-sub straps, if everything is installed as per the manufacturers directions?

              Also is there anywhere I can take my car and have it pre-checked? This way if I need to change anything to meet the rules I can do it over the winter months.

              EDIT: Also do these DOT harness expire like the FIA and SFI ones?
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                Re: 2012 Ontario Time Attack Rules and Regulations

                The dot harness do expire the same as the race harness. They are still FIA rated.

                the DOT belts have a tear away style mount which will allow side movement in a rollover. They will also give out in a hard enough wall crash.
                I do not endorse the use of these.

                A race harness will not give way, so without rollover protection they can not be used. We do not want you held upright in the event of a rollover.

                ultimately we do not want you to do a rollover, but we do require the cars meet the safety rules.



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                  Re: 2012 Ontario Time Attack Rules and Regulations

                  Okay, we can talk more about this when I come up to see you.
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                    Re: 2012 Ontario Time Attack Rules and Regulations

                    Okay so I met with Scott yesterday (Thanks again for the great work, boosted air temps are 10F above ambient now at 20psi) and he told me the next step would be to sign up on the website an do the pip checklist.

                    Well I just did that, and boy am I confused. I didn't know whether or not I should pick something so I picked it anyway. It kept referencing rules that I couldn't find on the site. As a newcomer to this, it would have been nice to see the official rule with just a click and not having to search through another document. I know I sound like I'm whining but I really was confused.

                    Anyhow it says SGT1 with the PIP, and SGT3 with the dyno option. I would have found it easier if it was a little more cut and dry, I know that's not always the case with certain modifications. I would still like to talk to someone about what I have done to get a better understanding of the PIP schedule. I guess I'll have to wait until the open house for that.
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                      Re: 2012 Ontario Time Attack Rules and Regulations


                      Just sent you an email. Keep an eye out on any topics on rule changes through the winter months. If any new rule prospects don't affect you, then we can get started on helping you with your PIP schedule asap so you can plan your build better for 2013.
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                        Re: 2012 Ontario Time Attack Rules and Regulations

                        If you have skype add me. same as my username here.

                        We can go through it with the ccdb open, or message the ccc and a member will get back to you.