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Petitioning Hankook for a 245 or 255/40/15 RS3

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  • Petitioning Hankook for a 245 or 255/40/15 RS3

    Hey guys, so I know many of us have been itching for larger tires to put on our 15x10s and 15x9s. Bobby (1viccistude) and I are starting a petition/community effort to convince manufacturers that making these tires will have a market.

    Specifically we are aiming to get Hankook to make a 255/40R15 Ventus RS3. We have written up a template e-mail, but we ENCOURAGE you to write your own e-mail with any unique ideas of why this tire is good that may not be included in the template. Lastly, we would really appreciate it if you voice your support in the thread, which will easily allow us to keep rough estimates of people's interest.


    There is no doubt the 225/45/15 RS-3 has become a very popular wheel for those who need a great sticky tire for smaller cars. It is thought of as the fastest tire we currently have at our disposal without full blown race tires. With the huge popularity of this tire, has the company thought of creating wider versions?

    The 225/45/15 is already very competitive with tires even outside of its class, but it is too small for higher HP applications. A 245/40/15, 255/35/15, or 275/35/15 could be an awesome tire for the powerful small cars or just small cars that are looking for the ultimate in grip while still having decent tread life.

    Avon already makes a 245/40/15 which is stock on the caterham, but it is a rather poor choice in tire. They don't even sell them in the US. Hoosier makes 245/40/15, 255/40/15, and 275/35/15 in the a6 and r6 compound. These are quite popular competition tires, but a lot of these cars are street cars too. Many v8 swaps or turbo cars just dont have a sticky tire option for the street.

    Cars that could benefit from wider 15" RS-3s:

    Mini cooper
    Older porches

    Many wheel companies are now producing wider 15" wheels now. 15x9-15x10 wheels are readily available off the shelf from companies like Rota, XXR, 949racing, as well as any of the custom wheel producers. In custom wheels many companies support wheel sizes up to 15x12 for barely a premium over their 15x7-15x8 counterparts.

    I hope that your company can help make many enthusiasts faster and safer with a larger 15" tire. Our small cars are traction limited. We should change that.

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    Re: Petitioning Hankook for a 245 or 255/40/15 RS3

    I would like 275-35 15,

    They are perfect on a 9.5 or 10 in wide rim. Hoosier is the only co making them


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      Re: Petitioning Hankook for a 245 or 255/40/15 RS3

      Send your petition to the attention of DAVE MARTIN.
      Rallispec Ltd., Full Race Turbo Systems, Stop Tech Brakes, Hankook Motorsports, Hawk Brake Pads.


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        Re: Petitioning Hankook for a 245 or 255/40/15 RS3

        I like this idea, and will surly sign the petition.

        Also the same lines, I am having a tough time getting the 225,45,15 RS3... they seem to be back ordered all over the place.. Any suggestions on where to pick up a set before lapping season starts??

        I found Nitto NT01 in that size, but the 100AA rating seems too low for a "double duty" tire..