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NOOB Question again

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    Re: NOOB Question again

    We used to have online reg'n with the old(er) system, but it had a couple issues, and at the time, very few people actually used it! (however, I'll blame that on the less-than-intuitive member login at the time). I think the new site is more user friendly, and it seems more and more people (and things/places) are into online reg'n, so hopefully the new system makes life easier for everybody .
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      Re: NOOB Question again

      Originally posted by thgear View Post
      if you (anyone) would like to volunteer from an IT standpoint then send Chuck an email directly and explain how you'd like to help out

      timeattack AT

      IT oversigh is definitely something we've been strugling with for a long time.
      What kind of IT help is needed?? I'm a web/software developer by day, general nerd all the time. I could definitely help out depending on what is needed.