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Wheel Size - 17 or 18

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    Re: Wheel Size - 17 or 18

    Of course tire weight isn't the only criteria. Also, everyone has their opinion on what is a good street tire or a lesser street tire. I used RS3s for the last two seasons on a very stiff suspension and I didn't like them - that's my opinion based on my experience with one car. Rivals were the tire to be on at the beginning of last season and I wish I had chosen to run on them at that time. By the end of the season some drivers liked them and others didn't.

    It's important to consider your suspension setup (spring rate, camber, drive wheels, weight distribution, suspension geometry) and whether or not a given tire and it's size and sidewall stiffness is suitable for such a setup based on other people's experience, your own experience and driving preferences. The idea in selecting a suspension/tire combination is to maximize the contact patch in cornering situations and to have the stickiest compound available while considering the durability you want to get out of them. Every car and driver combination is different and there are so many factors involved in selecting a tire that we cannot measure. So I believe it comes down to your own research, judgement and opinion.

    And after all that is said and done I will factor in the weight of the wheel and tire since rotational mass at the wheel is multiplied by a factor 1.6 for every pound saved and by a factor of 2 at the tire - per corner. You could easily save 20-30 pounds overall by selecting the right combination. Tell me you wouldn't want to save 20-30 pound to gain an advantage now that driver weight is considered in car classification. Does tire construction, compound and compatibility with a given suspension setup "outweigh" the benefits of reduced rotational mass? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Is one tire better than another in all circumstances? I doubt it.
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