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  • OTA Event 1&2 Thanks

    Big thanks to the organizers and OTA committee for a successful event 1&2 at the new DDT (aka ButtonWillow).

    Event went very smoothly from my perspective - great marshaling and a good group of competitors (regulars and new blood).

    Nice to see a range of cars fighting it out for the overall win.

    Timing seemed to work very well and the timing van looked like mission control.

    A particular thanks to the following who spent many hours (and is suspect some of their holidays) to bring great competition to OTA:

    Dave B
    Rob H

    I know there are others so feel free to add the names.

    OTA is a volunteer organization and its success depends on the contributions of competitors. Always feel free to offer a hand to make the event a success (registration, tech line, set up, grid marshals, tear down, clerking) - even the little things help. Many hands make light work and we all need to do our part to help the core group that bring these events to the competitors.
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    Re: OTA Event 1&2 Thanks

    I'd like extend my thanks to all the organizers and competitors as well. What a smooth running well organized event. Thank you to all the competitors that welcomed and helped out the newbie in the slow black Focus. I'll be back for event #4 at Shannonville.

    Econobox Dave


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      Re: OTA Event 1&2 Thanks

      I would also like to express my thanks to all of the people who made OTA Events 1 & 2 a tremendous success. A new track, new additions to our timing system (especially the boom), and a lot of new faces definitely made it a challenge.

      Chief Timer - Perry Rautanen - ran flawlessly or so it appeared.
      Chief Scrutineer - Derrick Cormier
      Registrar - Gary Wood
      Clerks - Dave Barker and Rob McAuley
      Organizers - Dave Barker and Martin Ottlyk
      Overall Assistants - Matt Clough, Ghanim, Rick and Nancy Arbour
      Grid Marshals - Walter Brooks, Rick and Nancy Arbour, Martin Ottlyk

      Special thanks to Matt, Perry, Derrick, Dave, Rick and Nancy, and Ghanim who stayed and helped until the timing van was packed and ready to leave on Sunday.

      And extra special thanks to Ghanim, strictly a volunteer, who gave up his entire weekend to help us through registration in the morning right through to final teardown. He was a very busy young man.

      Hopefully, I didn't miss anyone.

      Again, Thank You.

      Two weeks until Events 3 & 4 at Shannonville.
      Chuck Atkins

      Ontario 1500 Motorsport Adventure Organizer
      Former CASC-OR Ontario Time Attack Director
      Former ASN Canada FIA SoloSport Ontario Rep


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        Re: OTA Event 1&2 Thanks

        I would also like to congratulate and thank all of the organizers, volunteers, marshals and other helpers who put on these very enjoyable events.

        Particularly, I appreciated the willingness and commitment of the organizing group to keep trying new things to improve the series. For example at this weekend, we saw the introduction of new timing equipment, the use of the photo ID license to streamline the signup process, and the willingness to introduce a one-lap final session to get the final runs in on day 1.

        It was nice to see some new people and vehicles on the track too.
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