The results for the 2014 Championship Shootout can be found here:

To understand the results please refer to the following:

The final 8 drivers were seeded 1 through 8 and the Quarter Finals proceeded as follows:

Quarter finals:
QF1 1 vs. 5
QF2 2 vs. 6
QF3 3 vs. 7
QF4 4 vs. 8

The Semi Finalists were paired up as follows:

Semi-Final Rounds:
SF1 QF1 vs. QF3
SF2 QF2 vs. QF4

The Finals consisted of the following pairings:

Bronze Round:
Loser SF1 vs. Loser SF2 (to determine 3rd and 4th positions)

Gold Round:
Winner SF1 vs. Winner SF2 (to determine Overall Champion and 2nd place)