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    Many thanks to Gary W. (OTA, Ontario 1500), Perry R. (OTA) and Ted M. (Race) for attending along with me at CTMP for the media launch of Project ERASE (Eliminate Racing Activity on Streets Everywhere). This is a program with 22 Ontario Police Services involved. Their message is clear and one that we stand by. Also thanks especially to Durham and York Regional Police Services for inviting us to attend. This is an important endeavour and it is being further enhanced by encouraging motorsports enthusiasts to indulge their passion at the track. A special thanks to Ron Fellows, who was also in attendance and spoke to the media, and Canadian Tire Motorsport Park for hosting this important event - one which will save lives.
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    Re: Project ERASE

    This is a very good thing unfortunately it's a very big battle that will be very hard to gain on never mind win as long as movies like the fast and the furious continue and the irresponsible bought in a box tuner crowd continue to embarrass and insult the real racing community.It wasn't that long ago that i was criticized on this forum for disagreeing with a couple of the pylon passers on here when they said it was cool and ok to practice their car control skills on the street.I believe they should also crack down on all the unsafe lowered and modified cars that are roaming the streets just waiting to fail.While i realize some of these cars are done correctly and safely,the majority are done very poorly with no thought to correctness or safety. This is a very good thing that is being done and i hope it is very very successful.
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      Re: Project ERASE

      Great to see this program back up and running, I remember it back in the 9/10 years ago!
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