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Congrats on E1 & E2

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  • Congrats on E1 & E2

    Congratulations to all on a successful weekend at our first two events! While I was unable to make it out, my heart was still in it and I've been keeping in touch with the organizers on how the events went.

    As you probably know I had an "off track excursion" at CTMP GP track earlier last week that put me out of the competition for the season. Huge disappointment but I'm happy to have survived the experience. A big thanks to the many individuals who stepped up for me to fulfil my duties until I return, and for the support and well wishes I have had from so many. This community of individuals in motorsport is one of the finest group of people I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

    See you soon at another OTA event....
    Kelly B. GT Class Competitor 2011 - 2014
    OTA Director 2015
    ASN/FIA Committee 2015

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    Re: Congrats on E1 & E2


    You were missed on the weekend, glad to hear that you are ok.

    Your situation is unfortunate, but rather than dwell on the negative, I prefer to think of what happened as a lightning rod to attract attention to the importance of safety. Those vehicle/tech inspection checklists, helmet and roll bar requirements, marshal flags, EMS and Tow procedures may add cost and complexity to our events, but they are vital in ensuring adequate on-track safety. I know you have put some initiatives in place this year to enhance the level of safety support and they are greatly appreciated.


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      Re: Congrats on E1 & E2

      Concur with Greg on your positive influence and we will all be glad to see you back with us whenever you are ready, but not before. Don't forget to be healthy first and foremost.
      Gary Wood:
      GT2 Mazda RX-8 #52


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        Re: Congrats on E1 & E2

        My excuse after my first visit to the tire wall was, "Well, you don't really want an advanced instructor who hasn't found the limit himself before, because he'll never be able to warn you off of it accurately." So just think of it as improving your instructor resume:

        "May 2015: Found limit. Didn't like it much."

        Heal fast, and find something cheap with a ridiculously aggressive alignment for the rest of the season to have fun in. Don't sit it out.

        Stephen, SPDA VP, OTA Director, CCC Member
        OTA: SGT1 ! -=- CSCS: SSA #842


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          Re: Congrats on E1 & E2

          "May 2015: Found limit. Didn't like it much." Good one!

          Hearing the news was a shock, learning you were Ok was great. I understand your body is still complaining a little... deep bruising is soooo much fun

          I'm a member of corner two. You learn from it and it makes you a better driver in a way. I came to realize you'll never own mosport, but if your respectful it lets you race there

          Like Stephen said, Heal fast and come back out to run soon. Getting back out is part of it too.
          Ford W.
          White 1995 240sx OTA #99
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