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How to sign up for july 4-5 time attack school?

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  • How to sign up for july 4-5 time attack school?

    This may be a silly question, but my lady and I have been trying to sign up for the 2015 OTA CTMP-MIR School taking place on July 4-5:

    but encountering a problem while filling out the registration on this site:

    where is requests a competition license number which neither of us possess...

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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    Re: How to sign up for july 4-5 time attack school?

    The event will probably have to be updated since it is a school and not a competition event.

    Just a bit of clarification though, the school is only on July 4th. July 5th is a time attack competition event. If you're successful at the school you could definitely do the competition event as well, just want to clarify it's a single day school.


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      Re: How to sign up for july 4-5 time attack school?

      Hi all. I want to clarify re the OTA driving school at CTMP Grand Prix track.

      The school is 1 day on Saturday July 4 and is open to people who have previous track lapping experience.
      This is not for people with no previous track lapping experience.

      People do not need a CASC licence or club membership to attend the school on Sat July 4. When asked on "motorsportreg" for Membership # leave blank; licence number please enter "temp"; licence enter "C licence",

      OTA will be holding its competitive event # 4 at CTMP Grand Prix track on Sunday July 5. This event is open to those who have attended and passed the July 4 school in 2015 or earlier and those who have been previously signed off by OTA to compete at the Grand Prix track.

      It is possible for those with previous experience driving the Grand Prix track with other groups to enter the OTA event. To do so you will be assigned to an certified OTA Instructor during the morning warm up lapping sessions. That instructor will validate the drivers skill level and if adequate will sign the individual off for afternoon competition.

      All people entering the Sunday July 5 competition event 4 will require a CASC C licence which must be available for view at registration. It is possible to purchase a temp C licence for the day for $10.00 if this is the person's first OTA event of the year.

      All entrants on Sunday July 5 must also be a member of a CASC club and again a 1 day temp membership is available at registration on event morning.

      All of these guidelines are required because the Grand Prix track is a signifficently higher challenge for drivers than other tracks and therefore requires additional instruction.

      Hopefully this answers all questions but ifnot please post additional ones.

      We hope to see you at the track.
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      Gary Wood:
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        Re: How to sign up for july 4-5 time attack school?

        Gentlemen, thank you both for great communication and information shared.

        I suppose our concern is that although I've attended dozens of lapping days, my lady has attended one in her street car (Subaru WRX).
        Said lapping day took place on a rainy Saturday June 30th at shannonville.

        Is this considered adequate lapping experience to attend the school that's taking place on July 4th?

        Thanks again.