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OTA Committee meeting - June News

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  • OTA Committee meeting - June News

    A number of items for your interest and attention....

    1. Please have your car classified by the CCC before arriving at the track. This saves time and extra work for our Registrar, Timer and CCC people. Remember - they are all volunteers and they would like some time to get their cars ready for the day too.

    2. You must bring a copy of your classification (PIP schedule) to the track and be prepared to produce it on demand. It is in the rules. If you are claiming race weight, you also need to have proof of curb weight and dyno plot with you.

    3. If you haven't registered on motorsportreg yet - please do so. This is the direction we are going with OTA registration and it makes things much smoother behind the scenes.

    4. Also in the rules, but rarely done to this point in time: you may be asked to help out in some way. Please accept these tasks graciously. It won't be anything arduous or too time consuming; possibly a turn lining cars up on the grid or set-up/take-down of equipment. There are a few dedicated people in the series that do the lion's share of the work and this shouldn't be the case. The series belongs to all of us and we should all contribute. Remember there are no paid individuals in OTA. It's 100% volunteer based.

    5. Speaking of volunteers, we could use some more clerks of the course. The clerk of the course doesn't work every event and we'll show you how it's done.

    The season is going well. Number of participants is good. Competition is excellent!
    Thanks to all of you and continue to enjoy your OTA season safely!!
    Kelly B. GT Class Competitor 2011 - 2014
    OTA Director 2015
    ASN/FIA Committee 2015